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Knowing, or This is Why We Have Netflix
Dr. Girlfriend (wtf?)
Have you ever watched a movie and then wished you could take those 2 hours of your life back?

That's how I feel after watching "Knowing."

It's Nic Cage, so I knew it wasn't going to be mind-blowing, but I didn't expect it to be so abysmal. And in truth, it really WASN'T that bad up until the last 20 minutes. That's when it took a turn from "Yeah, this is alright, I guess," into "WHAT IN THE NAME OF HELL WERE THEY THINKING? GOD, THIS IS STUPID."

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To summarize, don't watch this movie. You would have a better time getting a root canal.

Christmas tomfoolery
Dr. Girlfriend (wtf?)
Typical fashion for me these days is to just give short bursts of information on facebook or twitter, but I felt the need to put all this up here on LJ since... well, there's kind of a lot to cover, and I just felt like updating.

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tl;dr - Christmas was rad with lots of rad gifts and awesome people, our car is borked, we're happy to be home.

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Dr. Girlfriend (wtf?)
Baby, work, video games in between.

There, now you know what I've been doing since September.

Life and junk (I'm certain I've used this subject before)
Brock1 (I'd kick his ass)
Don't you love when spam comments on your journal remind you that you haven't had a substantial update in almost two months?

Good times. Good times.

Well, all three of you reading this, there's really a good reason for that: I don't have anything substantial to SAY! In fact, every time I start a new livejournal entry, I always say "Hey, look, nothing has changed." Well, children, that's still true.

Alyson is growing. Holy crap, so fast is she growing. She's almost to the point of rolling over from her back to her tummy. She can already go from tummy to back (well... sort of. She sort of FALLS over...)

Oklahoma is still a crap place to live, and so is our apartment. We're planning on moving again, which is always good times. The one place we're looking into is cheaper, which means we might get to pay Sallie Mae more (sidenote: I hate Sallie Mae. We're too busy paying off hospital bills to worry about them, but they're like "sorry, you can't defer your payment, lol we suck"), plus it will be nice to not live in an apartment where every time it rains, the patio floods and the corner which is stained in the previous tennant's dog's pee smells again.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, work. I'm coming up on 3 years working with Tate. Doesn't seem like it's been that long, but I guess it has, considering we've lived in this state for over 3 years now. I'm going to get an assigned parking space, which is going to be jolly good seeing as I won't have to walk all the way across the empty field. Also, we started flex scheduling at the beginning of this month, which is AWESOME, because I am now working from home once a week, which means more time with Liz and Alyson and one extra day a week where Liz can have the car to run errands. It also means I'm not super wiped-out and pissed at the end of the week from dealing with stupid clients all week long.

That's about all that's going on. Liz is in Sayre at a funeral, so I'm eating taquitos and corn on the cob. I can tell you're jealous.

Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4: A review
21 and 24 (Seinfeld with a unibrow)
Liz and I, like many people in our generation, are avid Harry Potter fans. Liz got into it well before I did. In fact, I didn't start watching the movies until Year 4 and I didn't start reading the books until a few months before book 7 came out. That being the case, this game was naturally a first day purchase for Liz and I. This review is for the Wii version.

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Final thoughts
LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 is, overall, a really great game. It's fun, simple, and a very faithful adaptation of this beloved series. The game is a bit short, but that's come to be expected of the LEGO series of video games. However, this games greatest downfall is the abundant glitches. Most of them don't ruin the fun, but some of the major glitches force you to completely restart the game. It's worth buying if you are a Harry Potter fan, but be wary of the glitches. It's definitely worth looking at any of the FAQs available online so that you're aware of them before getting into the game.

Score: 7.5/10 (brought down considerably because of the glitches)

Soap box
Dr. Girlfriend (wtf?)
I feel a little apologetic that I'm breaking the seemingly interminable silence with a rant, but this is just something that I really felt that I needed to get off my chest.

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That's my opinion, and I'm stickin' to it.

Hey look, an update!
Dr. Girlfriend (wtf?)
Nothing really important. Just confirming that I'm still alive. There's honestly not much changing. I mean, yes, life is radically different now that we have a baby, but honestly the day to days aren't changing that much. There's a lot more poop, and it takes like 15 minutes longer to get out the door, but seriously it's not much different.

Liz is fine, the baby's fine, the cats and the dog adjusted just fine.

At this point, life pretty much doesn't exist outside of the baby and work. We're watching a lot of Netflix recently. And I got back into Puzzle Pirates, which I'm sick with myself about. Thought not really.

OMG, it's a baby!
21 and 24 (Seinfeld with a unibrow)
In case you haven't gotten the memo yet, Lizi gave birth on Thursday.

All last week Liz was having pretty bad contractions, but they were still about 10 minutes apart, so we weren't really too worried about it. On Wednesday night, we went to bed at the regular time (11:00). Liz woke me up at about 12:30 in a lot of pain, decided we needed to go the hospital. So, we loaded up the car, and away we went.

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So that's pretty much the story. The first couple days I slept all of like 4 hours in total since we kept getting woken up by the baby. That wasn't so bad alone, but the nurses coming in every hour really made things annoying. That and the fact that the chair I was sleeping on was insanely uncomfortable. We're back home now, Alyson is eating, and we're getting ready to go over to Liz's mom's after she's done. I actually got a little more sleep last night since there weren't any nurses bugging us.

I still can't believe I'm a daddy. I also can't believe how cute this baby is.
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Day 30: Whatever tickles your fancy
Dr. Girlfriend and The Monarch (Depeche

As the caption would suggest, this is Mallory's cat, Opie. I drew him for her, because she kept asking me to give her a cat. The look on his face suggests to me that he was dropped on his head a few times durring kittenhood.

Day 29: Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
21 and 24 (Seinfeld with a unibrow)
Biggest hopes and dreams: A happy, healthy, sane baby. I also plan to buy shoes in the next couple days, I just have to decide what kind I'm getting. We also plan on going across the southwest once the baby is born to show her off to the family. It's going to be quite a fun week where we stay in one place for two days and attempt to not lose our collective minds.


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